Jeremy Scott Adidas Spring Summer 2012 collection! Behind the Scenes Video!


Jeremy Scott strikes again! Designer Jeremy Scott is known for his outrageous runway creations often worn by Rihanna, Cassie, and any other hot young A-list celeb you can think of. However, Scott is becoming increasingly popular, not for his New York Fashion Week designs, but for his collaborations with athletic wear company Adidas.

Jeremy Scott 2011 Collection Editorial Photo

Yes, Adidas, the brand most of our parents wore (think track suits, shell toes, Run DMC, yeah that era) has regained a new audience thanks to Mr. Scott and his clothing and shoe designs. This match made, somewhere between Heaven and a crazy New York design studio began in 2009 with a shoe collection designed by Jeremy Scott for Adidas’ then new line “Adidas Originals”. Jeremy’s first collection was far more than tri-colored shell toes and bedazzled laces; this collection was unlike any shoe collection seen by the brand. Scott’s Adidas designs included plush Mickey Mouse heads, Teddy Bears, and metallic winged shoes which were widely accepted by celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Ciara, and Rihanna, then the public began to take note.

Metallic Winged shoes from Jeremy Scotts 2011 collection for Adidas

Three years later, Jeremy Scott is the only “Adidas Originals” celebrity designer remaining on the Adidas bill (Missy Elliot and Madonna were once designing collections in 2009), and he shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Scott’s newest Spring/Summer 2012 collection is gaining more popularity than ever and his off the rocker designs are becoming more mainstream.

I am in love with this new collection! As a fan of Jeremy Scott, I love how this new collection has redesigns of old shoes (the panda has now become a gorilla, the metallic wings are now denim) and I also like the new designs Jeremy Scott has introduced into the collection i.e. the American Flag hi-tops. I definitely think Jeremy Scott has given Adidas a new appeal for our demographic.

A few of the shoes from Jeremy Scott's Adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Below is a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection take      a peek at the newest Adidas Originals! 

Beyond the Hoodie



Trayvon Martin (Left), with then girlfriend. The young teenager was slain February 26, 2012 by a neighborhood watch captain who deemed the unarmed teen "suspicious"

Trayvon Martin, a young life lost at the hands of an individual who was allowed to judge his character based on physical appearance. This case is so multi faceted, that it makes me angry, saddened, scared and a little hopeless all at the same time. .


I am angry that in 2012, a situation like Trayvon Martin’s is not being treated with the respect that it should be. Trayvon was murdered three weeks before this story gained significant recognition. It makes me wonder if this story’s coverage is just another demonstration of our society’s sickening sensationalism or if media powerhouses are using Trayvon’s story as their new cash cow.  It alarms me that media outlets are gaining so much coverage over this story, yet I’ve noticed that there has been minimal coverage on how to change situations like this as a nation, what procedures can be taken as far as legislation goes, nothing. I am also angry that in such an advanced society racism has once again reared its ugly and very well camouflaged head. While many are arguing over racial issues, and pointing fingers, there has been minimal coverage on what’s really needed to change the numerous unjust characteristics that exist in our judicial system.



A photo from one of many rallies held nationwide for Trayvon Martin.


My main argument is that as a nation, we need to break away from the sensationalism of this case and put our fight into attaining justice not only for Trayvon, but also for all the others who have succumbed to this injustice and slipped under the radar. Trayvon’s case is about more than wearing foodies, and tweeting pictures of Skittles and Iced tea. We as a nation have to get rid of this thinking that by holding rallies that things will be changed. We have to force our legislators, representatives, and politicians to change the judicial system to protect us as it should. This case should be just as alarming and terrifying for all races, and all who live under the “Stand Your Ground” law.  We have to educate ourselves on impactful ways to change the society that we live in, especially on the heels of elections. We have to keep fighting long after this case loses main media coverage, until justice is served. Until our society truly unites, there will be more Trayvon Martins, more Sean Bells and more criminals like George Zimmerman, and Casey Anthony.

It’s more than a hoodie; The Trayvon Martin story.

  1. 17 year old Trayvon Martin shot and killed on the night of February 26 2012 by Over zealous neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Despite the fact that Trayvon was only returning from the store alone with candy and a drink for he and his brother, Zimmerman called police describing a “suspicious” guy and proceeding to follow the young teen. Although police warned Zimmerman not to follow Martin, he did anyway, chasing the teen and eventually killing him. Despite all of the pieces of this story that are continuously coming forth, Zimmerman has yet to be convicted of Murder, and remains free.
  2. Although he has indeed committed a murder, George Zimmerman has not been taken into police custody. This is a result of the “Stand Your Ground” law which is active in the state of Florida where this took place. The “Stand Your Ground” law justifies those who feel threatened on their own property to “defend themselves” without opposition. 
  3. Chilling 911 calls of Zimmerman and other individuals who heard the “altercation between” Martin and Zimmerman were released, in most of these calls you can hear screams for help. While Zimmerman stated that the screams were his own, voice analyst experts have stated that it is highly unlikely that the screams did come from Zimmerman, but instead came from 17 year old Trayvon.
  4. In recent weeks, the Trayvon Martin case has gained national and worldwide recognition, sparking rallies, protests, and petition across the nation and also gaining recognition from celebrities, politicians, and President Obama. 
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    Obama: Trayvon Martin Case Is a `Tragedy’
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    before I go to sleep, a prayer for Trayvon…
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    George Zimmerman called 911 46 times in the last year. He is a lunatic. Yall dont get it. Justice for #TrayvonMartin
  10. This case has also been a source of uprooting racial tension as well as divide throughout our society as a result of oppositions regarding the arrest of Zimmerman, and the quest for justice for Trayvon Martin.
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    What’s fueling Trayvon Martin debate
  12. CNN takes a look at the controversy behind the Trayvon Martin Case and why this is the source of such great debates throughout our country.
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    Hoodies and House Attire
  14. House representative Bobby Rush was kicked off of the house floor after wearing a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin. Many individuals have been wearing hoodies in support of this case as this is the same attire Trayvon wore and Zimmerman deemed “suspicious” before ultimately killing him.

  15. Throughout the month following his death news outlets have been covering the Trayvon Martin case round the clock and uncovering new details. ABC news has recently released a timeline of events in regards to this controversy.